Wandeando by Isabel de la O

Wandeando by Isabel de la O

Opening November 2016, 8:00 p.m.

From November 8 to December 3

The Madrid-based artist Isabel de la O returns to the capital’s art scene with an exhibition entitled WANDEANDO, which includes some key pieces from the production of this artist’s output over the last few years. Playing with the English word “wandering” and its meaning of wandering around aimlessly but with the intention of enjoying the journey, the artist invites us to discover the importance of the artistic process of creation, even greater than that of the work of art itself, since the process is what gives meaning to the final work.

With a clear interest in research into pictorial materials and procedures, Isabel de la O incorporates into her works the results of long processes in which the search for results based on experimentation with materials is one of the basic aspects of her artistic production, combined with an intense reflection on time and our relationship with it, sometimes not as happy as we would like.

As Marta Pérez Ibáñez, curator of the exhibition, states when speaking of the artist’s work, “she combines the instinctive and the methodical, and has a lot of that ‘being carried away’ by the materials by listening to how they respond to her action and to the interaction with other materials”. We will be able to find in this exhibition different pictorial and sculptural techniques on diverse materials, an extensive research that is in the heart of Isabel de la O’s diverse and exquisite artistic activity.

From small formats in which the ancient patinas react in a random and surprising way, to large textured canvases that combine resins and pigments, or fibreglass sculptures combined with metallic structures and objects she has found, and to the interplay of collage of exotic papers on the pictorial surface, these are some of the themes that this exhibition offers us.

papers on the pictorial surface, these are some of the themes that this exhibition offers us. In the words of the curator, “the complementary, the duality, is in the work of Isabel de la O and she dialogues in her natural dialogue with us. Even in the title of this exhibition, this playful Wandeando, which combines two languages in a new term and suggests at least two different readings. And many more readings that we will be able to discover, because each work will suggest new meanings, new impressions and sensations, and will invite us to wander, to discover and to enjoy”.

Dishevelled Thoughts

This series reflects the different rhythms that occur in our mood as we roam. In them Isabel mixes collage of papers from different origins (India, Africa, New York, Paris, Madrid, etc. ), with acrylics, waxes, pastels and epoxy resin.

Ludus New York

A series which represents the visual movement of New York City. On my trip in the summer of 2015, I felt the diversity of angles and the points of view of its skyscrapers that can be seen from top to bottom, from bottom to top, laterally, etc. All these visions are compressed into small 20x20cm works made with collages of American, African, Indian and European papers. Acrylic paint, wax, pastel and epoxy resin are also present in this series.



The Genesis series represents the origin of life based on two fundamental and seemingly opposing forces: light/dark; sound/silence; cold/hot; male/female, etc.

In the work there is a physical void between the two half-moons, but they communicate with resin elements that jump from one side to the other.

The works are made with collage, pigments and epoxy resin on two half-moons of MDF (medium density fibreboard) joined with methacrylate (20 cm in diameter).