VOLCANIC  ISLAND  —  Sara Fratini


Opening October 10 2018, 8:00 p.m.

Exhibition from October 10 to November 3

Like an island that had been submerged for a long time in the deepest part of the ocean and that after a great shake comes to light, this collection of unpublished drawings appears afloat as a collection of loose thoughts, forgotten ideas, unfulfilled promises, sketches, characters. What is produced from solitude, what is not shown, but is materialized thanks to pencil, Chinese ink and watercolor.

Sara Fratini

Venezuela, 1985. Artist and illustrator.

At the age of three he was already trying to draw with his feet, but seeing that it was not working she decided to change her feet for her hands and since then he carries a pencil and a notebook everywhere. She studied Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid, illustration studies in Nancy, Franci and Master in Graphic Printing Media, Illustration and Artistic Coinage UCLM / FNMT. He has done murals in different European cities. Since 2012 she has been in charge of the Guarimba International Film Festival in which he organizes an annual exhibition of posters of artists from all over the world and different socio-cultural projects.

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