Opening Saturday, September 14 2019, 1:00 p.m.

Exhibition from September 14 to 28

We participate in Hybrid Festival

My great grandmother had an unclear meaning phrase for the uninitiated: “the stomach, what does it give you” she said.

With that phrase, she wanted to refer, in her opinion, the stomach does not know if it is two in the afternoon or four in the morning, and therefore, all those beliefs so widespread that certain foods cannot be eaten according to what time they were pure chickweed.

I am not sure yet if the medical-scientific advances of the last decades have managed to deny my great grandmother without any doubt. But what I do know is that enjoying a good meal served in the dishes of Carlos Vidal and well wrapped in that garden of delights Vidaliano that is his tablecloth, propitiates that time and hours are clearly relative concepts and that tabletops be lengthen greatly, perhaps in imitation of those long Mexican foods that he has described to me so many times and that one day he may have the privilege of experiencing.

In that state of affairs, with the dishes of Carlos the clock marks other hours, or even forgets to mark them, logically, and adapts gladly to the tempo that his drawings mark, a slow tempo and of visual and organoleptic enjoyment, which to eat and drink well deserves it. So they spend, the hours pass on Carlos’s tablecloth, on the tablecloth they spend. Turn the round clock of their plates between faces and mouths, between chickens and dicks, between vulvas and Roses, between names of children, women and hours. And it is there, in that provocative feast that only Carlos knows how to prepare it, where everything is summed up, where the artist shows us, mouth to mouth, the magnificent banquet that is his work.

María López-Herranz

Exhibition from September 14 to 28. In addition to 25 vitroceramics in plates and the screen-printed tablecloth in the “Taller de Manolo Gordillo. Edición de arte” we can enjoy a selection of the paintings and drawings of Carlos Vidal.

Carlos Vidal

I know what I want and always, always, the result is not what I wanted.

I work in the middle of cultures that collide, my primitive Chiapas universe and half life living in Europe, in a constant exile, that far from harming me, feeds me, to constantly return to the world of words, of primary elements, where forms have Colors and flavors.

There is a process in the elaboration of my work, if I interrupt it, I distort it by chance. The error allows me a different vision, to blur, to dirty, the impatience, the restlessness, and, why not ?, the distancing, looking for and leaving the work in tension, without having solved it.

How to combine a fact, a form, which at the same time exists, is completely inaccurate and allows us various readings, an appearance different from what it is, that allows the viewer an endless number of readings.

I don’t want to explain anything, I don’t think such a thing can be done.

Nature, technique, chance, knowledge, culture, memory, the material with which I paint my paintings.

Carlos Vidal Madrid 2019

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