The Waldorf Girls by Eduardo Arroyo

The Waldorf Girls by Eduardo Arroyo

Opening April 12 8 P.M.

Exhibition from April 12 to May 12

On this occasion we present a very special edition made at  Taller Manolo Gordillo. Edición de arte.

A research work on the fusion of different printing techniques carried out on such an  unusual support as the black iron plate, with the aim of deepening into the features of his stroke, with the figure of Carmen Amaya as inspiration.

After leaving Spain when the Civil War broke out, the dancer Carmen Amaya, thin and brunette, with her tragic idol face and her energetic high heels, started an international tour that began in Buenos Aires. She then went on to tour other countries in South America before arriving in New York in 1941. She performed on Ed Sullivan’s show in her flamenco dress and her elegant and brutal dance was so spectacularly successful that she became a star at Carnegie Hall; President Roosevelt put a plane at her disposal and invited her to perform at a party at the White House and Life magazine dedicated a story to her on the inside pages as an inspiration.

With her gypsy company (the large family, guitarists, flamenco hand clappers, dancers…) she stayed at the Waldorf Astoria, but did not like the international cuisine of that exclusive hotel. Wrapped in her mink coat, she went to the food market followed by all her troop to buy kilos of sardines. When she returned to her suite, she did not hesitate for a moment to use the bed bases as an improvised grill to roast the fish or to feed the fire with the wood of the luxurious furniture that decorated the New York palace. The smell was invading the rooms without distressing the star, unaware of the rules and conventions, or the company, happy with the tasty bonfire.

From that scandal on, Eduardo Arroyo made several oil paintings in 1988 and titled all of them Carmen Amaya fríe sardinas en el Waldorf Astoria. With her polka dot dress, flowery hairstyle, Manila shawl, hair-comb, arms in the air, the ideal gypsy becomes a matter of pictorial balance based on the story.

Suite of 4 editions of 20 copies each, numbered and signed by the author, made on a black iron plate printed in silkscreen and etched with nitric acid.

This edition was completed at Taller Manolo Gordillo. Edición de arte, during the winter of 2018 in Madrid.

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Images of the inauguration