The third year

The third year

From 16 September to 7 October

Self-fertilisation invades us: on this occasion we offer a sample of works by friends and lovers of La Factoría de Papel, for friends and lovers of La Factoría de Papel to enjoy.

La Factoría de Papel is 3 years old. To thank you for your collaboration, enthusiasm and participation in the exhibitions and activities we have carried out, we gathered a selection of works by friends and lovers as a sample of the work created around this project.

We will also show publications made by La Factoría de Papel and works from the collection of the “Taller Manolo Gordillo. Edición de arte”.

A great variety of techniques, materials and bases, from photography, silkscreen and printing, to painting, digital printing and engraving, respond to reflect the different artists/friends who participate in this exhibition:

Participamos en #HybridFest

Almudena Armenta, Ana Juan, Berta López, Eduardo Arroyo, Elena Jiménez, Fernando Bellver, Imanol Bértolo, Jorge Arranz, Mar Solís, Marcelo Burgos, Mariano Otero, Pep Carrió, Laura Martinez Lombardía, Raquel Hernández Izquierdo, Matz Mainka, Montse Lago, Saskia Moro…

Well. . . okay, you can bring someone

Images of the inauguration