The Eyes of the Rhinoceros by Luis Cabrera

The Eyes of the Rhinoceros by Luis Cabrera

Opening January 21, 2016, 8:00 p.m.

from January 21 to February 9

La Factoría de Papel, in collaboration with Photosai Edición de Arte, presents Los Ojos del Rinoceronte, an exhibition of the latest work by Luis Cabrera (Havana, 1956). This exhibition, curated by Alfredo Mateos Paramio, is a new chapter in the revision that Luis Cabrera has carried out throughout his long career on the engraver Alberto Dürer (1471-1528), impregnating his creations with contemporary infuences and a postmodern approach and with a distinctive humour which, without abolishing the genesis of the German author, subverts his forms and themes and updates them in for our consumer society.

On this event, Luis Cabrera’s graphic reflection is organized around Dürer’s Rhinoceros, a woodcut from 1515 representing that portentous animal fused to his knightly armour, the first cyborg in history and the first multiple work that had a massive circulation in Europe away from the religious sphere. Luis Cabrera takes that woodcut as a starting point to question and revitalize the mechanisms of figurative representation in a world flooded with disposable images.

The artist has merged his two professions, of painter and engraver, in this exhibition, painting directly with torn engravings, composing new scenes with dyed and superimposed shreds of old prints, inspired by the principle that, according to Walter Benjamin, founded modernity: the abolition of hierarchies and the tension between all the references to castaways. Medieval cities burning in a digital landscape, appliances revealing the underlying structure of the face of Christ, a cross emerging as a half-closed wound on paper. Luis Cabrera’s constant humour expands the gaps between the different plastic and conceptual levels, breathing life into ancient stories.

During the exhibition, the folder “Los ojos del Rinoceronte” portfolio, produced by Luis Cabrera with Photosai Art Edition, will be available at a special price.

Images of the inauguration