Spaces of Corrosion by Raquel Hernández Izquierdo

Spaces of Corrosion by Raquel Hernández Izquierdo

Opening February 23, 2017 at 8:00 p.m.

From 23 February to 8 April, 2017

Corrosion intervenes in the indirect chalcographic processes of the engraving, creating similar forms to those of other phenomena that also change and destabilize matter, such as the alterations effects caused by wind or water on the ground of our planet or other elements on the surface of other celestial bodies.

This is why these techniques are suitable for representing landscapes of this nature. From this technical conclusion onwards, I construct images that have a natural analogy with spaces and territories visible only through technology created for scientific purposes. It is about connecting this distant reality with what we can perceive to be the limits of our senses.

This exhibition is made up of a series of chalcographic engravings, which represent a walk through the register of natural transformations. The visual analogies between the result of these indirect artistic processes and the object of representation occur because both are the consequence of entropic phenomena beyond the control of mankind. These alterations of matter which rise with temperature, are studied by Laws of Thermodynamics and Chaos Theory, implying a change of scientific paradym given that they show that we cannot dominate the forces of nature; we can, however, understand their behaviour and adapt to their transmutations.

Raquel Hernández Izquierdo

She graduated in Fine Arts from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid and completed her training at the Libera Accademia di Belle Arti. Italy. Afterwards, she took a Master’s Degree in Graphic Printing, Illustration and Artistic Minting at the School of Engraving and Graphic Design of the Royal Spanish Mint in Madrid and was awarded a scholarship by the same institution. Finally she completed a Master of Research in Art and Creation at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the UCM of Madrid. Selected in several engraving and graphic art contests from 2012 to the present, she has work in private collections such as The School of Engraving and Graphic Design; The National Mint and Stamp Factory, Madrid; The National Library, Madrid; The Complutense University of Madrid and The University of Castilla la Mancha, Cuenca.

At present, she works as a stamping assistant at the “Taller Manolo Gordillo. Edición de arte”. She collaborates with “La Factoría de Papel”, is a founding partner of “Taller 3+1 grabado” where she gives courses, produces her own work and custom editions, and is studying for a Ph.D. on the techniques of chalcographic engraving as a means of contemporary artistic expression.

The exhibition opens on 23 February and can be visited until 18 March in La Factoría de Papel. C/ Buenavista, 8 bajo. 28012 Madrid.

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