Saskia Moro

OPENING THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 12 from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Exhibition from November 12 to December 5

To attend the opening on the 12th or visit the exhibition, it is necessary to reserve an hour

During the strange spring of 2020, where time and space expanded as if it were a fluid, ‘ABOUT THE FLOWERS OF CLARICE’ emerged: a suite of 19 watercolors inspired by the description of the Garden of Eden in the book ‘Water Viva’ * by Clarice Lispector.

The words become a stain,
brushstroke or stroke, they blend into color and water with care and affection, as if they were living beings, they are a tribute to the figure of this universal writer.

In space and time.

In opposites like full/empty, noise/silence, joy/sadness, feminine/masculine, life/death, etc.

Water as a flexible, extensive matter that knows no limits.

Words, defining and foreign to cultural borders, are the link for a journey between the two languages, Portuguese and Spanish, with the aim of uniting the two cultures both on this side of the continent and on the other.

Some of the 19 originals exposed

November 14 presentation of the artist’s book “ABOUT THE FLOWERS OF CLARICE” by Saskia Moro

An album/herbarium where the 19 digital prints of the watercolors inspired by Clarice Lispector’s text that accompany each flower are inserted.

The prologue is by Antonio Maura, coordinator of the tribute to Clarice Lispector on the centenary of her birth, at the Cervantes Institute in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Textos en portugués y en español.

The edition consists of 30 copies numbered from 1/30 to 30/30, three author’s proofs and two H.C.

Digital printing on 300 gr/m2 Zerkall Artag paper at the Manolo Gordillo Workshop. Art Edition during Spring/Summer 2020.

Wooden box with magnetic snap closure, stained green and waxed, 31 x 34.5 x 5 cm

Part of the edition will be presented on free pages, a flower accompanied by the introduction.


Interested from an early age in the plastic arts and its different representation techniques. She graduated in 1991 in the specialty of engraving from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Complutense University of Madrid.

In 1990 he formed the C.H.A.P.A.S. collective with which she participates in the XXI São Paulo International Biennial, and travels to Brazil.

Since 1989 she has participated in several group exhibitions in Spain, Portugal, Holland, France, Brazil and India.

In 1995 he inaugurated her first individual exhibition at the Instituto Cervantes in Lisbon.

She regularly exhibits her work in different places, delving into the theme of space in relation to time, in the representation of the material: water, landscape, memory, absence, the horizon, the border and … the game.

Represented in public and private collections. More information at:

Latest solo exhibitions

2019— A vida é um jogo – Flores do Cabo, Sintra, Lisboa
2018— ¡JUEGA! Te toca… – La Factoría de Papel, Madrid
2018— Gráfica – Galería La Maleta, Valladolid
2017— MEMÓRIA ·  entre Céu e Água – Galeria Municipal do Montijo, Lisboa
2016— Ausência – Galeria Valbom, Lisboa
2015— Foi no mar que aprendi – CPS – C. C. de Belém, Lisboa
2013— Distancia – Galería EGAM, Madrid
2013— Além Mar – Galeria Valbom, Lisboa
2011— Schilderijen – Galerie Clement. Amsterdam