SELVITA by Nicolás Fryd

SELVITA by Nicolás Fryd

Opening September 15, 2016 8:00 p.m.

From September 15 to 27

Selvita is the illustrated story of a journey of initiation and spiritual transformation across the Peruvian jungle and through the magical world of sacred plants. An intense image, full of energy, at times subtle, at times serpentine, revealing to us day to day routines and ceremonies with plants, walks through fascinating, hidden spaces and the mysterious secrets of the natural environment. A new world, seemingly impenetrable, is transformed into a prodigious space, filled with small illuminations and unexpected miracles.
Supernatural nuances are superimposed on the natural landscape. The invisible acquires visibility. It introduces itself. It seduces. It shows its charms. It is open to those who dare to approach it.

This exhibition will also present the illustrated book “Selvita”, which brings together some of the works from the exhibition.

Nicolás Fryd, Buenos Aires 1973
Graphic designer and illustrator.
Lives in Madrid since July 2001.

Images of the exhibition