“Sakuteiki: Seven Japanese Gardens” by Darío Álvarez

“Sakuteiki: Seven Japanese Gardens” by Darío Álvarez

Opening on October 8, 2015, 8:00 p.m.

From October 8 to 18

First comprehensive exhibition of “Sakuteiki: Siete jardines japoneses” by Dario Alvarez, a edition made by Photosai Art Edition.

Sakuteiki: “A Treatise on the Laying of Stones”. This is the title of the first gardening pamphlet written around the year 1100 by an anonymous “old madman”, who prefigured the “dry gardens” known in the West as “Zen gardens”, and whose supreme example is the garden of gravel, moss and stones contained in the Kyoto Ryoan-ji, the “The Temple of the Dragon at Peace”.

“Sakuteiki: siete jardines japoneses” integrates seven visual variations on the garden of the Ryoan-ji, seven still variations on seven key concepts of the Sakuteiki’s secret teachings, whose fragments have been turned into Spanish for the first time and accompany these “borrowed landscapes” elaborated by Dario Alvarez.

The works have been carried out through a complex process of three-dimensional composition and robotic photography, and have been printed at maximum resolution with mineral inks.


Darío Álvarez belongs to the small number of architects who, like Juan Navarro Baldeweg, have developed a field of artistic expression that is different and parallel to that of their professional projects. Specialising in the involvement between landscape heritage and collective memory, he has developed spatial minimalism through sculptures and ephemeral installations (Jardín de Papel, Architecture Prize of Castilla y León 2005; Jardín de Aluminio, Architecture Prize of Castilla y León 2008; Espacio, luz, arquitectura, Valladolid, 2008 and 2010), as well as through very refined work on paper that has been exhibited, amongst other places, in the Galerie in Tranklhaus – Kultur Land Salzburg (Salzburg, 2011), the Galerie Maison du Chevalier (Carcassonne, 2012) and the Museo Patio Herreriano (Valladolid, 2014). Since 2014 he has participated with Photosai Gallery in the Estampa Fair.