Read at a Glance by Raúl

Read at a Glance by Raúl

Press originals and graphic originals works from 20 June to 7 September

Musicians call the act of reading a score at first sight, of playing it without prior study, “sight-reading”. I believe that an illustration in the press follows a similar action: that the reader sight-reads and deciphers an image and an article at a glance.

And I maintain that the illustrator also sight-reads preceding the reader himself when, without prior control over the variety of subjects or subjects that each article proposes to reflect, he must, in the short term, look for the graphics, find the way of signifying what the text wants, because otherwise his drawing will always mean the same thing, even if the articles are different.

The collages, photomontages, monotypes or sketches of this exhibition were published in the first of the three decades that I have already accumulated working for newspapers. Raúl

Raúl Fernández Calleja

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