PROXEMIAS by Carmelo Rubio

PROXEMIAS by Carmelo Rubio

Opening February 12, 2016, 8:00 p.m.

From February 12 to March 6

“Every work of art is a structure, an organism. What essentially distinguishes it is its strength of character; that is to say, everything in it has to be as it is, without it being possible to vary anything.”

Heinrich Wölfflin[1]

Archirtecture, geometry, textures, lines, strokes, meshes, traces, weavings and so on… are common factors in the different works that we find in this exhibition. United by the graphic design of the technique, but not by subject, four themes can be established: ” Architecture”: Pieces which start with images that give the work a certain depth by Printing engravings on photographs, transferred in grey tones on paper; “Structure”: Artworks which correspond to symmetrical, closed and hermetic images and designs, following ornamental patterns; “Photographics”: Detailed images captured by the camera in close up, showing the texture and graphic detail of surfaces, on which the artist works with in a pictorical way; lastly, “Quadrature”: Pieces which centre on elementary geometric shapes and contours which, under the treatment of different wefts and incisions, acquire body.

Made with graphic techniques on paper, these are works which not only require constant trial, repetition and action. . . but also calculation, containment and a steady hand, aspects which are necessary to achieve a certain balance, and to open up some perspectives within an expressionist language, of images that basically occupy a foreground, placed under a skin woven of fibres.

Colours framed by the ink most akin to the engraving, “noir doux”; browns, earthy colours, oxides, blues and siennas, emphasised in their symbolic and iconic charge by  metallic, silver and gold.

[1] Heinrich Wölffin. Fundamental concepts in Art History.

Carmelo Rubio’s Curriculum Vitae

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