Plastic activity aimed at the integration of artists, teaching professionals, design and people with intellectual disabilities initiated in the artistic context, who want to deepen the design and development of the poster. We will start the day with a silkscreen printing practice.

SCHEDULE: 11.00 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.

MATERIALS: Gouaches, markers, paper

DURATION: 2 and 1/2 hours

NUMBER OF STUDENTS: minimum 10, maximum 20

PUBLIC TO WHICH IT IS DIRECTED: people with intellectual disabilities who have already had contact with the art world, artists and interested in art and design

PLACE: La Factoría de Papel c / Buenavista 8 28012 Madrid


A meeting between artists, teaching professionals, design professionals and people with intellectual disabilities initiated in the artistic context. The workshop proposes a collective work for each participant to create a poster on the proposed theme: “HOW TO IMPROVE OUR CITY“.

We will start the workshop with a practical demonstration of screen printing in which we will stamp the title of the poster.

After an introduction on the basic design concepts we will invite you to reflect on the chosen idea.

Through the different contributions of the participants we will know their points of view, and the way each one has to interpret the object of the workshop.

Finally, a joint reflection of all the work done will be done.

Responsible: Pilar Merino Bravo

the plastic artist that promotes Wabi-Sabi, artistic project that aims at the individual improvement of people with intellectual disabilities of different nature through the plastic arts as an instrument to improve their health, increase their self-esteem and help them in their integration into social and work life. The novelty of the project is that these people, if possible, carry out their artistic work in their own headquarters or establishments or, where appropriate, visiting as often as necessary the dependencies or facilities of large Institutions such as Museums, Corporations and Companies ( public or private) whose funds, activities, corporate image, brands, facilities or productive elements are in turn the reason for the free and spontaneous artistic interpretation of the participants of the art workshop that culminate showing their artistic works in a public exhibition.