Second of the 3 workshops (complementary but independent) that form the course “Creativity and Textile Experimentation” taught by Concha Romeu.


DATE: We will announce the dates shortly

SCHEDULE: from 6.30  to 9.30 p.m.

AIMED AT: people 16 years and older.

DURATION: 3 hours

NUMBER ASSISTANTS: minimum 5 maximum 10

PLACE: La Factoría de papel C/Buenavista 8 28012 Madrid


3 complementary and independent workshops


  • Discover through practice your own creative abilities from a playful and prejudice-free attitude
  • Discover the expressive possibilities of textiles (fabrics, wool, threads) and the techniques that are their own (sew, embroider, weave), incorporating them into our own creative work, complementing and enriching it.No vamos a aprender ninguna técnica.

We care more about the path than the goal.

We do not intend to make works of “art”.

We will learn from our mistakes and enjoy with our findings.

Course Structure

7 independent sessions of 3 hours each and that work separately but at the same time complementary.

Each of the sessions or workshops is completed with a selection of Power Point images of artists whose works have to do with the subject.

Workshop 1. Improvise with fabrics: from intuitive play to awareness.

Workshop 2. Textile collage: With chance as an ally we discover beauty in chaos.

Workshop 3. Undo to re-do: The beauty of scars.

Workshop structure

  • Brief presentation of the teacher and each student (who I am, what I do, what is my motivation).
  • Exercise of “warming up” on paper.
  • Reflection on the result.
  • Visualization of “inspiring” images of the work of professional artists.
  • I work with textile material following some guidelines according to the topic to be treated (each workshop is different).
  • Exhibition of the work done in the workshop, reflection, awareness and conclusions.

Workshop 2. Textile collage: With chance as an ally we discover beauty in chaos.


Concha Romeu

She exhibits regularly since 2003 at the Gurriarán Gallery in Madrid and at Aba Arte Contemporani in Palma de Mallorca.
She has exhibited individually and collectively in museums, universities, cultural centers and associations and has participated in national and international art fairs.She also teaches experimentation and textile creation workshops.
More information on its website: www.concharomeu.com, Instagram @concharomeu and Facebook Concha Romeu.