New Hyperrealistic Drawing Techniques

Workshop given by Juan Cossío in which each student will get a hyperrealist drawing of stain with Conté pencil starting from a photographic copy with the direct advice of the author.

DURATION: 8 hours with lunch break

NUMBER OF ATTENDEES: Minimum 6 students, maximum 8

REQUIREMENTS: Some basic knowledge in drawing or painting

PLACE: La Factoría de Papel c/; Buenavista 8 28012 Madrid


This workshop given by Juan Cossío will approach a new way of understanding drawing through the use of templates, something characteristic of airbrush but which can also be applied to the stain drawing made with Conté pencil, with a photo-realistic result.

In the cutting of templates, students will exercise their ability to cut, follow the contours with precision and pulse, which will help them later in maintaining a clean and firm stroke in the contour of a drawing.

The templates will also serve to position the different parts that make up the image and fit them with absolute precision. In this way, the concepts of measure and proportion will be exercised, essential to fit an image in a realistic way.

The stain with the materials of the academic “statue drawing”,  serves us as the most appropriate means to exercise the valuation of the tonalities and the construction plans. All these elements together will result in an image with great strength and reality.



  • Black Conté drawing pencils: B,2B,3
  • White Conté pencil and white Conté bar
  • Medium, large and small blurs, al ready used better A piece of felt
  • Hard rubber pencil with brush Pencil sharpeners
  • Triangular scalpel cutter. 2 sheets of nº400 sandpaper
  • Permanent marker S size


    • Tinted sheet in A3 format
    • Wide-leaf cutter (those used to sharpen pencils)
    • Acetate for insoles 0´15 mm. 50 x 70 cms
    • Iron plate and 8 magnets, minimum
    • Each student will have a copy of the photo to be copied in A3 size
    • Area to cut with its corresponding cutting plate

Juan Cossío

Having shown an early vocation for drawing as well as a great sensitivity for painting and photography, Juan Cossío studied Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid.

Actively involved in the fertile cultural panorama of the 80’s in Spain, Cossío develops an incessant search for experimentation that takes him to the limits of pictorial techniques, introducing him to what has been called “NewRealism”.

Cossío has a long professional career both nationally and internationally, and his works are in outstanding private collections.

If you are interested in this workshop contact us and we will inform you about the next edition.