Verónica Domingo Alonso, will make a demonstration of Monotype (single impression) on aluminum plate. This type of engraving (the support that contains the final image is different from that in which the artist has intervened) is at the crossroads of painting, drawing and graphic art.

DURATION 2 hours and a half

ASSISTANTS: minimum 10, maximum 20

LUGAR: La Factoría de Papel c/ Buenavista 8 28012 Madrid


Monotype on aluminum plate

The creation of monotypes is considered as a graphic technique that supports innumerable experimental and plastic processes, which differs from the rest of engraving techniques in the non-multiplicity of the product. As the imprint on the support is not permanently fixed, it is the pigment used by the artist that creates the transferred image, making it impossible to obtain more than one image.

The main purpose of this workshop is to make known this curious engraving system by approaching both people who already have knowledge of engraving and those who do not, but who feel the concern to discover this technique in order to experiment and take full advantage of the wide range of possibilities offered by this way of doing.

2 hours and a half in which we will see:

  • Theoretical introduction:
    • Knowledge of the materials description and use
    • Design of the stamp and its suitability for registration
  • Start in the elaboration of the matrix
  • Preparation of the matrix for the stamping process
  • Stamping

Veronica Domingo Alonso

Multidisciplinary artist with a degree in Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country, Master’s Degree from the University of Fine Arts of Norwich (United Kingdom) and Master’s Degree in Graphic Printing, Illustration and Artistic Milling for which she has been awarded a scholarship by the Royal House of the Currency.

You can see his works in: and looking in Facebook: Verónica Domingo-Alonso

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