“From Madrid to the sky”

Draw with Jorge Arranz a drop-down notebook inside / outside La Factoría de Papel y el “Taller Manolo Gordillo. Edición de arte”.

DATE: Saturday November 30

SCHEDULE: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

MATERIALS: The Paper Factory will provide the drop-down notebook to each of the attendees. The materials to paint: pencils, markers etc. are provided by the students.

DURATION: 3 hours

NUMBER OF STUDENTS: minimum 10, maximum 15

PUBLIC TO WHOM IT IS DIRECTED: To all the people who like to draw. No age limit

PLACE: La Factoría de Papel c/ Buenavista 8 28012 Madrid.


Drawing workshop taught by Jorge Arranz, drawings on drop-down notebook.

On one side the interior of the “Manolo Gordillo Workshop. Art edition” will be “portrayed” drawing those elements that attract attention: printing machinery, screen printing, plotters, tórculo, tools, furniture in general, which is hung on the walls, work done in the workshop and human activity that takes place inside.
On the other side, in the garden, we will draw the linear and vertical perspective we see, lying on the ground, looking at the sky. Vertical poplars, windows and clothes hanging will mark the perspective.
It is intended to exercise the drawing from an unusual perspective, explore other ways of seeing and drawing.

Workshop Structure

Part 1: students will practice drawing live static elements of the Workshop directly, 1 hour

Part 2: students will put into practice other unexplored ways of observing and drawing in the outside garden. 1 hour and a half

Conclusions: sharing of the work done ½ hour

Jorge Arranz

Bachelor of Fine Arts and Psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid in 1980. Illustrator in the newspaper El País between 1986 and 2012. Comic book cartoonist in Madriz and Cairo magazines. Cartoonist for advertising, prevention, learning and integration campaigns. Books, posters, covers, postcards, videos, murals, set designs..

More information on their website www.jorgearranz.com, Facebook, Instagram @arranzdibujante