Raquel Hernández Izquierdo, tells us how to engrave a copper plate and will demonstrate the necessary process to make an etching from the idea to the edition. Attendees will participate in that demonstration and will take a stamp of the edition.

DURATION 2 hours and a half

ASSISTANTS: minimum 10, maximum 20

LUGAR: La Factoría de Papel c/ Buenavista 8 28012 Madrid


The etching workshop deals with the creative possibilities of this artistic medium through its procedures.

Through the state tests – prints that are reserved for the author’s experience – each of the stages that are necessary for the production of an engraving will be known, from the preparation of the matrix, until the moment of its stamping.

A demonstration of each of these processes will be carried out, in order to make known the progressive transformation to which the plate is subjected by the action of the mordant acids.

Duration 3 hours in which we will see:

Theoretical introduction: brief historical trajectory, the tools and the different techniques will be explained.
Engraving and stamping materials (zinc, copper sulfate, tarlatan and scrapers …)
The matrix and its preparation
Engraving of the matrix and status tests.

Imparted by: Raquel Hernández Izquierdo

Graphic artist, Master in Media Graphic Printing, Illustration and Artistic Mural. School of engraving and graphic design of the Real Casa de la Moneda. Madrid, Master of Research in Art and Creation, Faculty of Fine Arts of the UCM. Madrid. He is currently doing a Doctorate in Fine Arts at the UCM. Thesis: The application of the processes of engraving and printing as means of artistic and contemporary expression.

You can see his works at: on Facebook: @raquelrochoart

If you are interested in this workshop contact us and we will inform you about the next edition.