Elena Jiménez, artist with a trajectory in EXPERIMENTAL GRAPHIC WORK, explains step by step the Colagraf, contemporary engraving technique that consists of elaborating a matrix based on adhering on a support diverse materials creating an image that allows its stamping.

DURATION: 3 hours

NUMBER OF ASSISTANTS: Minimum 10, maximum 20


Also called Collagraph or Colography in different parts of the world, is a hollow engraving process performed using additive techniques.

The contribution to the world of engraving is the substitution of traditional matrices for alternative materials, which allows artists to create matrices with greater freedom, obtaining images rich in textures, reliefs, intense blacks, gestural strokes, etc. , which are closer to the material language of contemporary art.

  • Brief theoretical and historical introduction
  • Knowledge of materials (cardboard, wood, plastics, metals) and systems (fillers, acrylics, polymers, sands, fabrics etc. )
  • Matrices elaboration
  • Stamping
  • Samples of works carried out using this procedure

Impart: Elena Jiménez

Higher technician of plastic arts and researcher of new processes in contemporary graphics.

Throughout her career she has been awarded numerous prizes in printmaking and plastic arts competitions such as the Bienal  Iberoamericana de gráfica de Cáceres, Colegio de España in Paris, “Carmen Arozena”in Madrid, “Pilar Banus” and “ Teresa Toral”  Museo del grabado de Marbella, “Rafael Canogar” Pinto,  “Juan Luis Vasallo” de  Cádiz, “Luis García Ochoa”,” José Caballero” de Las Rozas, Villa de Mislata, Valencia, San Lorenzo del Escorial, EAC Diputación de Alicante.

She has been distinguished with the aid to the production of plastic arts of the Comunidad de Madrid and the Promotion of the Arts of the Ministerio de Cultura among others.

She has conducted workshops and research residencies in leading international and national workshops:  Taller experimental de La Habana,  Lower East Side Workshop Printmakers. NY,  London Print Studio. Londres, Kulturwek Bethanian en Berlín, Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid, Fundación Pilar y Joan Miro en Mallorca, Museo de Electrografía en Cuenca. Casa Encendida y El Ranchito. Matadero Madrid.

Other courses

  • “Other graphics. Engraving asExperimentation and Creation” VI International Art Workshops, El Jardinico, Caravaca.
  • “Non-toxic transfer to gum arabic”, III Graphic and digital encounters. Universidad de Cartagena.

Her work is part of numerous museum and institutional collections.

You can see his works in:

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