Play! It’s your turn. Saskia Moro

Play! It’s your turn. Saskia Moro

Opening November 5 2018, 8:00 p.m.

Exhibition from November 5 to December 5

Wooden, paper and scissors recess

The objects and showcases, created for this occasion, form part of Saskia Moro’s most conceptual work, reflecting the most creative and original sense on which her work is based. Here we contemplate her reflection on the GAME.

In Homo Ludens (1938) J. Huizinga states that ‘without some development of a playful attitude, no culture is possible’. Games are intimately linked to culture and ignore borders. Games educate our perception and reaction to chance, of the consequences of a choice… they are formalized experiences that help us and entertain us.

Throughout geography and through time we always find a very strong link between games and their appearance. This appearance reflects aesthetic-artistic aspects of the cultures that enjoy them.

This reinterpretation is based on traditional games to offer a new artistic context framed by multilingual texts that serve as a board or card. Texts that describe rules of life, or reinvent them, and why not, skip them. The materials used: paper, wood, thread and glass.

We invite you to place yourself in the starting box in the center of the room and play Sjoelbak (Dutch billiards) or simply roll the dice and choose at random among the board games surrounding the billiards.

Now come and play, it’s your turn, it’s your turn…

Play! It’s your turn. Saskia Moro, image selection


London, 1967
In 1985 she began her studies in the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid and finished her doctorate courses in 1993.
Forms the Collective C. H. A. P. A. S. with which in 1991 participates in the XXI International Biennial of São Paulo, and travels to Brazil.
Since 1989 she has participated in several collective exhibitions in Spain and Portugal, Holland, France, Brazil and India.
In 1995 she inaugurated her first individual exhibition ‘Pinturas, gravuras e objectos’; at the Cervantes Institute, Lisbon.

Individual exhibitions (Latest)

2018— Gráfica – Galería La Maleta, Valladolid
2017— MEMÓRIA ·  entre Céu e Água – Galeria Municipal do Montijo, Lisboa
2016— Ausência – Galeria Valbom, Lisboa
2015— Foi no mar que aprendi – CPS – C. C. de Belém, Lisboa
2013— Distancia – Galería EGAM, Madrid
2013— Além Mar – Galeria Valbom, Lisboa
2011— Schilderijen – Galerie Clement. Amsterdam

Represented in public and private collections.
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Opening images. Photographs by Laura Martínez Lombardía