PELO (Hair) by Laura Martínez Lombardía

PELO (Hair) by Laura Martínez Lombardía

Opening June 9, 2016 8:00 p.m.

From June 9 to July 5

“The clearing in the forest is a focus it is not always possible to enter; from the edge you look at it and the presence of animal tracks does not help you to take that walk. It is another kingdom that a soul inhabits and keeps”.

María Zambrano

Something is being discovered at this present moment as you contemplate it, and it will never happen again. PELO involves a vital feeling, a trembling that takes on different forms. Sometimes it is a face, sometimes it becomes a palm tree, a cactus, a cloud, even a fish. Beings hidden within themselves, living in the wilderness, in a combative place. Always frictional.

PELO is articulated in a “series of moments”, fragments of the author’s most personal story that gravitate in space, forming clearings that open and close. They are “worlds of light and shadow” belonging to various photographic works; Los durmientes (2010), Un verano raro (2012) or Fotofobia (2015). In all of them, PELO represents an area of emotional contact and physical tension where everything behaves in a chiaroscuro game, a desire to show as well as to hide oneself.

Instead of looking at things, Laura Martínez Lombardía (Cádiz, 1975) asks herself about the being of things. She explore the anatomy of the equivocal and enters our last refuge of defence; a dense and uncomfortable burrow, a hermit’s house or a tree to be climbed. They are signs of that “other kingdom that a soul inhabits and keeps”. And it gives us back something enormously beautiful; a gust of wind that accidentally discovers an existential mark. Or the flash that makes us what we are at the very moment you contemplate it and which will never occur again.

(Hair) by Laura Martínez Lombardía