On Nature: reality and abstraction. Juan Cossío

On Nature: reality and abstraction. Juan Cossío

Opening 7 March 2019, 20.00h

Exhibition from March 7 to 23

The exhibition of this series of drawings represents an aesthetic statement to unite apparently opposing concepts: on the one hand, abstraction and realism and, on the other, a reference to nature as the source from which all knowledge emanates.

“Reality is abstract, abstraction is real”. On this paradigm is based the construction of images that pretend to be a reflection between the objective-mensurable and the conceptual-ideal, of things as they are or as we imagine they should be.

The main technical characteristic is that of working in an “indirect” way, either by means of templates, casts, pigment transfers, airbrush… , using, in addition, a diversity of materials such as black toner pigment, pencil, tempera, acrylic, etc., thus constructing a set of independent layers that create, in the end, a whole.

Notes for the presentation of the On Nature series at LA FACTORÍA DE PAPEL
Juan Cossío. March 2019

Opening images

Juan Cossío

Having shown an early vocation for drawing as well as a great sensitivity for painting and photography, Juan Cossío studied Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid.

Actively involved in the fertile cultural panorama of the 80’s in Spain, Cossío develops an incessant search for experimentation that takes him to the limits of pictorial techniques, introducing him to what has been called “New Realism”.

Cossío has a long professional career both nationally and internationally, and his works are in outstanding private collections.


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  • 2004. The Spanish Post Office chooses the painting “Nativity” for its reproduction on stamp
  • 2005. Solo exhibition Sammer Gallery. Marbella
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