Of Insomnia and Migraines by Zdenek Tusek

Of Insomnia and Migraines by Zdenek Tusek

Opening September 12, 2015 8:00 p.m.

From September 12 to 29, curated by Susana Blas.

“The only country that a man has is his childhood.”

Rainer María Rilke

The Czech photographer Zdenek Tusek (1979), based in Madrid, presents his latest works. The new photographs continue his emblematic “Mi  bestiario privado” series, based on mental landscapes constructed from enigmatic sculptures he assembles and photographs himself. Faithful to his nostalgic style and lover of photography understood as tableaux, such as ceremonial scenes (J. P. Witkin, Roger Ballen), in this new stage introspection becomes more acute. Self-portraiture and analysis of unconscious fears predominate.

In addition, the new pieces reflect on weight that the tradition of Czech photography and his mentors have on him it when it comes to creating works of art. (Sudek, Saudek, Styrský, Pinkava, Koudelka, Svankmajer. . . resound). It is a troubled relationship from which he cannot escape, nor can he escape from his lost childhood, from that untouchable life when he lived in the Czech Republic.

“Prague is untouchable, it is an enchanted circle. With Prague, they have never succeeded, with Prague they never will”

Enrique Vila-Matas, Explorers of the abyss (“Cubist Café”).