NiNi Art. Nahuel Tupac Losada

NiNi Art. Nahuel Tupac Losada

Opening October 6, 2016, 8:00 p.m.

From October 6 to 29

The works I present, NiNi Art, are the result of my obsessive relationship with Pop Culture, the accepted and expanded notion of the artistic canon, the constant flow of current information and my need to give them their own semiological form.

I work with images downloaded from the Internet, my own photographs and the postproduction tools within my reach, which allow me the foundation and speculation of parallel realities: simulations orchestrated on the architecture of illusion. They are remixed, reinterpreted and printed images with the aim of generating a new discourse for the observer.

My NiNis are, in their own way, harsh and irrepressible, the result of whim; they also drink from acquired knowledge and enjoy being conceived with advanced and democratically available technological tools. My intention is to establish a complicity between the work, the spectator and myself that leads to an aesthetic pleasure, semiological conversation and emphatic dialogue, in the sense of questioning, provocation and friction.

Nahuel Tupac Losada

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