Lithographs / Marcelo Burgos

Exhibition from Thursday 25 April to Wednesday 8 May

“This is a series of different lithographs made during the last two years in the Taller Magma, in Buenos Aires, printed by the Master Printer Matías Amici. I discovered Master Amici looking for a workshop to go to in my travels to Argentina. Lithography is a printing process in which you draw directly on a lithographic stone. The drawing is fixed by a chemical process to receive and maintain the ink grease, which does not adhere to the rest of the surface of the stone because it is impregnated with water. This inked stone is then stamped onto the paper using a lithographic press.
Both engraving, lithography and sculpture have something very interesting in common: the participation of a mechanical process that modifies the result. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a stamp come out of the press for the first time and discovering the variations that this mechanical process has produced in the part. In this way, the process becomes the most important and not the result. Thus, the work becomes a kind of meditation, something that helps me to be present and conscious.”

Marcelo Burgos

Marcelo Burgos

He was born in the seventies, in Argentina. He studied art and at the age of eighteen he got his first job in an advertising agency. He won some prizes, moved to Europe and, most importantly, formed a family.

Ten years ago, he started directing. He has been fortunate to have worked with some of the best creatives and agencies in different countries.

Drawing, sculpture and engraving are things he has done all his life. All these activities feed on each other.

Marcelo has been a partner of La Factoría de Papel since its inception, a pleasure for us to count on your collaboration, creativity, and personality.

Algunas litografías de la exposición de Marcelo Burgos