LATENTES  —  Alberto Herencia

LATENTES — Alberto Herencia

Opening June 21 2018, 8.00 p.m.

Exhibition from June 21 to July 26

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In a kind of urban pareidolia, Alberto Herencia reveals some small daily details hidden from our very eyes, refugees from the usual rush, routine or apathy. Taking a fresh look at the environment around us, one can discover new landscapes, territories or abstractions from which it is possible to travel, explore and reflect upon.

In the series “Banderas” Herencia suggests a perceptive revision of such a symbolic element; found wherever you go, part of something and of nothing at the same time and risky by nature. Following this sense, the artist redesigns the concept of homeland, border and of territory defined by “Mapas”, fortuitous discoveries which give place to the generation of new hidden coordinates that show the paths – both physical and metaphorical – of disagreements, intimate processes and its consequences. For Herencia, the geographical limits are nothing more than accidents and the territories are private spaces that can rise in the most desperate place, like a crack, a damp or a chip in the wall. This understanding of the political as a trusted companion is manifested in the title of one of his works: “Mi patria es mi cama, la bandera es la sábana que nos cubre “.

In “Ahora no; No sé, Ahora sí” the urban elements give themselves away like a universal language: three colours, three possibilities and a story with an open ending that dissolves in the shadows of the night.

In these works, Alberto becomes a collector of latent symbols, a hunter for meanings and a scrutiniser of the unnoticed. A clear example of the role Herencia takes on are the pieces in “Coleccionismo,” small sections which trace a circumstantial self-portrait of our society, made from the casual bits and pieces that mount up in the drains that you find all over the ground in Madrid.

In this new way of seeing that Alberto Herencia suggests, we find new witnesses who observe unperturbed the discovery and exploration of these news countries, cities, routes and locations. “Silenciados” is about urban compositions of an abstract charcter which, by paying attention for a moment, tell a complex, vibrant palimpsest which has mutated into art. The inside probably contains flags, homelands, paths, stories and endings of other times, nevertheless, today they are no more than silent guardians that help in the understanding of latent symbols.

Exhibition curated by Irene Calvo
Madrid, 21 June 2018

Alberto Herencia

Alberto Herencia graduated in Fine Arts from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid and has worked for over twenty years on different aspects of branding and advertising. He currently runs his own company within the same business activity.
Throughout his career he has worked in parallel in artistic creation, particularly photography.
  • • 2018 – Individual exhibition “Latentes”. La Factoría del Papel Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain.
  • 2015 – Individual exhibition “Naturaleza en silencio”. Cruz Bajo Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain.
  • 2015 – Collective Exhibition “Toro de Osborne”. Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz, España. Spain.
  • 2013 – Finalist in the Alliance Française Prize
  • 2011 – Winner of the Antalis Photography Contest.
  • 2006 – Finalist in the Purificación García Photography Contest and collaborating in the book and the travelling exhibition that entails this award, across Spain and Portugal.
  • 2005 – Published the Photography Book: “El Bosque Apagado” which includes an account of the experience of reporting on a great forest fire in Guadalajara, Spain, in the days after burning and how it evolved over the following months.