Last limits. Lucas Vázquez de la Rubia

Last limits. Lucas Vázquez de la Rubia

Opening Saturday February 9 th 12.30h.

The exhibition consists of a selection of canvases and sculptures, in which the material (cement and plaster) is confronted with and related to inks and woods.

Lucas Vázquez de la Rubia (Madrid, 1986)

In recent years my artistic practice has been characterized by the use of matter and the deepening of the contradictory nature of the human being from a plastic point of view. I approach sculpture, painting and graphic arts from an experimental and abstract perspective, producing pieces in which the confrontation between materials, forms and images is a constant. I use cement, plaster, wood and paint on different supports, evoking natural but manipulated morphologies.

My last series is the result of a constant exploration and research on the same concern: the duality that confronts human beings, as individuals, their immediate environment and, by extension, the society in which we live.

I am interested in posing my work as a kind of questions and answers that solve, in a plastic way, problems present in society: limits, borders, power relations, contradictions and occupations are some of the concepts I work with.

Some of the works in the exhibition

Opening images