Matz Mainka Poster Invasion of the Beehive


In a remote village, a threat comes from space and with its ultra-powers puts humanity in danger
“The invasion of the Beehive with its killer hair is here to take over planet Earth.

A tribute to the comics of the 1960s, to the aesthetics and fashions of the times.

Flying saucers are coming.

We’re going to be abducted.


12 May – 4 June Matz Mainka exhibition

From digital print, to original work, going through lively tie-dyes, small sculptures, printed fabrics…. a whole repertoire that will make boarding the spaceship more fun.


Hamburgo ( Alemania) 1959

Degree in Graphics and Design from the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg. He has developed a career as an illustrator in magazines and advertising agencies.

His great interest in comics and history has led him to develop several projects all based on German history of the first half of the 20th century.

In 1988 he published his first comic book entitled “Werwölfe” Carlsen Verlag. Followed by “1928, una historia de Hamburgo”, Edicions de Ponent, 2001.

Along the same lines, and also in Edicions de Ponent, he published in 2003 “La Sospecha” and in 2008 and 2010 “El Retorno a Novgorod I y II”.

He has also worked as a scriptwriter for Tom Takahashi’s “Jiraishin” series at Kodansha Publishing House, Tokyo, Japan.

He has had several exhibitions at the Geheim Gallery in Hamburg, as well as in Prague and Angoulême.

His pictorial style is indebted to his interest in American comics of the 1960s, as can be seen in this exhibition.