Opening January 11 2018, 8.00 p.m.

Exhibition from January 11 to 25

“Infant Maturity” is a state of beginning, permanence and ending that represents our own life.
Even at the age of 45 I find myself balancing my inner girl with the adult woman, my innocence and my acquired social skills, the foolishness and the serious foolishness that we all carry within us.

As in all my previous exhibitions, I want objects to speak for themselves, I would like to step away, make my personal indicators disappear.

On the other hand, I see myself covering up the work with my own particular biography.I want to become discovered as a subject who collects discovered objects.

Instead of suffering from Diogenes syndrome, to enjoy and adore the world of things and thingummyjigs by detaching myself from them.

To get away from the syndrome to get closer to Diogenes the philosophy of Diogenes the Cynic.

Tired of being myself, I suggest a tribute to the uniqueness of each individual, the obvious originality within each identity, creators by the mere fact of living, who mould traumas and joys swimming in different styles in the ocean of otherness.

Pati Zoto was born in Viña del Mar, Chile, in 1972 and has lived in Madrid since late 1998.

She has been working with recycling since 2000, crafting “playful devices” inspired by traditional non-industrialised toys and currently continues to work around the “ready made” and the ” self-assembly ” with “poetic devices” which she defines as “the assembly of various poetically suggestive discovered objects.”

+ from PatiZoto

Images of the opening. Photographs by Laura Martínez Lombardía.


To be insatiable sleeps hours and hours if no alarm clock puts limits on it eats without swallowing without tasting it eats by necessity of introducing something in its mouth drinks and chews bottles to deshoras and is a woman according to old definitions of normal gender type that walks on its two extremities combining the landscapes the discourses synchronizing an arm with a foot and the other with the other without leaving its identity taking care that the otherness is not confused with its more diverse facets like an airplane. low cost that makes many flights and changes the route of ports and languages so she walks with chosen hairstyles looking again and again at the mirror back and forth with thought grimaces rehearsed and approved by the public being her witness and character of her solitude reflection and figure required every day except when she sleeps that she does not decide anything and that her unconscious develops the film includes actors and proposes situations and lies in the desert of a dream show that nobody pays for to see only in those many hours she rests from

who she chose to be and she takes a break outside the school that is something like defining a rest and wasting the time of the rest defining it because the time does not have influences she does not have known people to whom she does favors the time becomes the solito although there are no clocks that mark it and she has it clear and it seems calm or already warned and she dedicates herself obedient to agglutinate experiences to be her and the it and the I next to us to the at the same time without leaving the line drawn without moving from her speech and dying one day and that a photograph remembers her like the one that was with all the versions of the beings that she crossed and sleeping at last all the hours that come to her at will in the expansive space without noises and in the dark huddled at all without disturbing anyone or herself a little point and even less of something lost in the human magma a not being without weight or qualities that floats weightless without having anything to do or say.

Zoto entre 1972 y 2017