In Blood by Berta López

In Blood by Berta López

Opening January 19, 2017 at 8:00 p.m.

From 19 January  to 11 February 2017

I understand blood as I understand life, with its inseparable burden of death, as I understand a wound.

Blood is that liquid tissue that reveals the trace  of an animal, which flows by drawing gaps, connecting ancestors and descendants through roots and branches of the family tree.

I work using needle and thread, pencil, stone, paper, scissors, ink, crochet, silkscreen, rope, knife, engravings, ceramics, photography, calligraphy, bobbin lace, and try to digest everyday life and build an eternal visceral still life.

I claim the techniques traditionally used by women, I build or reuse antique pieces that I submit to strange surgery which is more ethical than aesthetic.

Without losing sight of the blood in the workshop, bleeding as a margin of safety against the irreversible cut of the guillotine.

Exhibited Works

Berta López was born and habitually lives and dies in Madrid.

After not finishing architecture through disaffection and abandonment, she begins to drift in a way that keeps her misplaced and relocated during the rest of her days and nights in a more rounded manner.

When her memory begins to fail and she starts lacking people around her, Berta López acquires the habit of registering everything that she doesn’t want to forget.

A resident of extremes, in her erratic activity between mourning and flight, she records her constant deaths in her cabinet of curiosities.

She travels through her own and other people’s scars, weaves a tangle of memories, possibly invented, giving meaning to the search which is obsessed by the loss, forgetfulness, loneliness and ultimately death.