Here you can see the exhibitions we have made in La Factoría de Papel

NiNi Art. Nahuel Tupac Losada

From October 6 to 29. Complicity between work, spectator and Nahuel Tupac Losada that leads to aesthetic pleasure, semiological conversation and emphatic dialogue, in the sense of interpellation, provocation and friction.

SELVITA by Nicolás Fryd

From September 15 to 27. It is the illustrated story of an initiatory journey of spiritual transformation through the Peruvian jungle through the magical world of master and sacred plants.

Applied Art, Collective Exhibition

From July 12 to September 10 collective exhibition: Almudena Armenta, Ana Juan, Carmen Martinbaroja, Ceferino López, Eduardo Arroyo, Fernando Bellver, Isabel de la O, José Manuel Nuevo, Pablo Pinedo, Pep Carrió, Rockabrut, Stray Chairs

PELO (Hair) by Laura Martínez Lombardía

From June 9 to July 5, 2016. PELO is articulated in a “series of instants”, fragments of the most personal history of Laura Martínez Lombardía that gravitate in space, forming clearings that open and close. They are “worlds of light and shadow” belonging to various photographic works.

Bling Bling by Marcelo Burgos

From April 14 to May 10, 2016. Gyclées, engravings, sculptures, and a suite of screenprints of fictional uniforms to identify the new European extreme right, which advances terrifyingly before our passive and indolent gaze.

PROXEMIAS by Carmelo Rubio

From February 12 to March 6, 2016 Architectures, geometries, textures, lines, lines, meshes, footprints, patterns … These are common elements collected in the various works that we can appreciate in this exhibition of Carmelo Rubio.

Babel. The cities of Arranz

From October 22 to November 17, 2015, Babel represents the union of men through the use of the same language and drawing is precisely a universal language that everyone understands, as Jorge Arranz teaches us

Open Studio: Elena Jiménez & Paula Noya

From Thursday 1 to Sunday 4 October from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Open Studio Madrid 15 at La Factoría de Papel with Elena Jiménez and Paula Noya. On Saturday 3 at 14:15 Live demonstration of stamping techniques in the organized activity.

Stolen Matrices

From 2 July to 31 July 2015
A collective exhibition in which TRES+1 have developed a joint project based on a common nexus: the use of the matrix, and question the true value of the authorship of a piece.

Posters of Madrid

From May 21 to June 20, 2015, an exhibition of four posters edited by Papeles Mínimos Ediciones under the theme of Madrid, and produced by Jorge Arranz, César Fernández Arias, Ginés Martínez and Guillermo Trapiello.

Alba Cinema, More than a Week of Passion

From March 26 to April 21. Extended to May 5. The Paper Factory is impregnated with the atmosphere of the Alba Cinema to present a careful selection of posters made by Rafa Sánchez, cinematographer operator and master of ceremonies.

Views of Tokyo by Bellver

From February 26 to March 22. A pop look at the capital of Japan as a result of the trips Fernando Bellver made in Tokyo between 2009 and 2014 in the footsteps of the 19th-century Japanese engraver Hiroshige Utagawa.