Here you can see the exhibitions we have made in La Factoría de Papel

the memory atlas, Judith Martinez Estrada

From September 12 to October 6. A collection of images created through the rebirth of stories, biographies and objects. Judith’s work is an integration of collage, photomontage, photography and new graphic methods – juxtaposed to explore a hybrid between digital and analog.

LATENTES — Alberto Herencia

From June 21 to July 26. Series of works as a result from the last three years which make us perceive a different reading of so many elements that we coexist with daily.
In these works, Alberto becomes a collector of latent symbols, a hunter for meanings and a scrutiniser of the unnoticed.

The Waldorf Girls by Eduardo Arroyo

From April 12 to May 12. A research paper on the fusion of different stamping techniques performed on a support as unusual as the black iron sheet, with the intention of deepening the characteristics of the stroke of Eduardo Arroyo, with the Carmen Amaya figure as inspiration.

“Pasted in Berlin” Jorge Chamorro

From March 2 to 22, 2018. Jorge Chamorro shows, for the first time in Madrid, a selection of collages made during these years in Berlin. All are analog, without digital manipulation, using only photographs from books and magazines, scissors and a lot of glue.


From January 11 to 25, 2018. Paty Zoto looks for objects to speak for themselves, she would like to move away, make her personal signs disappear. She wants to become a found subject that collects found objects.


From December 14, 2017 to January 5, 2018 Third edition of this collective exhibition in which we take as a starting point all those tests and errors that arise during the edition of a work.

Scattered stories by Javier Vázquez

From October 19 to November 3, Drawing as a narrative tool with the objective of capturing the reality we inhabit, through a mechanic that develops the narration in parallel to the plastic skill in the management of watercolor, configures a universe of its own unrepeatable

The third year

From September 16 to October 7. Almudena Armenta, Ana Juan, Berta López, Eduardo Arroyo, Elena Jiménez, Fernando Bellver, Imanol Bértolo, Jorge Arranz, Mar Solís, Marcelo Burgos, Mariano Otero, Pep Carrió, Laura Martinez Lombardía, Raquel Hernández Izquierdo, Matz Mainka, Montse Lago, Saskia Moro …

Read at a Glance by Raúl

From June 20 to July 15. Collages, photomontages, monotypes or sketches: press illustrations that get the reader to decipher image and article in a single look. Made by Raúl, published in El País

New York: Drawings by Arranz

Del 27 de abril al 20 de mayo. Exposición de 50 originales de Jorge Arranz resumen de la multitud de sensaciones recibidas tras varios días de patear, sin rumbo fijo, una ciudad que pertenece al mundo.

In Blood by Berta López

Del 19 de enero al 11 de febrero. Trabajos con aguja e hilo, lápiz, piedra, papel, tijera, tinta, ganchillo, serigrafía, cuerda, cuchillo, grabado, cerámica, fotografía, caligrafía, encaje de bolillos, tratando de digerir el día a día y construyendo un eterno bodegón visceral.

Wandeando by Isabel de la O

From November 8 to December 3 2016. Key pieces of this artist’s production in recent years. Different pictorial and sculptural techniques on different materials, a deep investigation, a varied and exquisite artistic activity.