Here you can see the exhibitions we have made in La Factoría de Papel

  • Stolen Matrices Stolen Matrices

    From 2 July to 31 July 2015
    A collective exhibition in which TRES+1 have developed a joint project based on a common nexus: the use of the matrix, and question the true value of the authorship of a piece.

  • Posters of Madrid Posters of Madrid

    From May 21 to June 20, 2015, an exhibition of four posters edited by Papeles Mínimos Ediciones under the theme of Madrid, and produced by Jorge Arranz, César Fernández Arias, Ginés Martínez and Guillermo Trapiello.

  • Alba Cinema, More than a Week of Passion Alba Cinema, More than a Week of Passion

    From 26 March to 21 April. Extended until 5 May
    For this event La factoría de Papel is imbued with the atmosphere of the Alba Cinema to present a careful selection of posters made by Rafa Sánchez, the cinematographer and master of ceremonies of the Alba Cinema…

  • Views of Tokyo by Bellver Views of Tokyo by Bellver

    From 26 February to 22 March
    A contemporary look at Japan’s capital in the footsteps of Hiroshige.
    The result of the trips that Fernando Bellver took to Tokyo between 2009 and 2014 following in the footsteps of the 19th century Japanese engraver who captivated both…

  • “Cabinet of Shadows” by Paula Noya “Cabinet of Shadows” by Paula Noya

    From 29 January to 24 de February
    Exhibition of the photographic and illustrative work of Paula Noya.
    Photography: “Nazarenos”, “Servicio Completo”. Drawings: “Santa Teresa”

  • “Art leftovers” Works on stains “Art leftovers” Works on stains

    From 16 December to 25 January
    “Art leftovers” collective exhibition on stains, takes as its starting point all those trials and errors that arise during the creation of an artistic work.
    These are images that are superimposed on the same support …

  • Curated By: Fernando Bellver Curated By: Fernando Bellver

    Fernando has selected works on paper by some of the artists with whom he has established special links of friendship and collaboration over the years: Alfredo Alcaín, Eduardo Arroyo, Joan Brossa, Rafael Canogar, Javier de Juan, Juan Genovés, Chema Madoz, Andrés Nagel, Bea Pérez, Jaume Plensa y Manolo Valdés.

  • Ana Juan. Posters 2002–2014 Ana Juan. Posters 2002–2014

    From 28 October to 20 November
    Among books, covers for The New Yorker and other publications, Ana Juan presents a selection of posters with a disquieting look at the world of circus, Japanese cinema and traditional stories.