Here you can see the exhibitions we have made in La Factoría de Papel

  • BEL CANTO Illustrated stones. Pep Carrió BEL CANTO Illustrated stones. Pep Carrió

    Inauguration 8 May 2019 13. 00 h. Exhibition formed by a large family created by Pep Carrió stone by stone, with pebbles collected from beaches of Mallorca, Asturias, Galicia, Portugal, on the bed of the river Jaramilla and many more sites.

  • Lithographs / Marcelo Burgos Lithographs / Marcelo Burgos

    Lithographs. Marcelo Burgos. Exhibitionfrom Thursday 25 April to Wednesday 8 May
    This is a series of different lithographs made during the last two years in Taller Magma, Buenos Aires, printed by the Master Printer Matías Amici. I discovered Master Amici looking for a workshop to go to in my travels to Argentina.

  • On Nature: reality and abstraction, Juan Cossío On Nature: reality and abstraction, Juan Cossío

    Exhibition of Juan Cossío in La Factoría de Papel.
    The exhibition of this series of drawings represents an aesthetic statement to unite apparently opposing concepts: on the one hand, abstraction and realism and, on the other, a reference to nature as the source from which all knowledge emanates.

  • Last limits. Lucas Vázquez de la Rubia Last limits. Lucas Vázquez de la Rubia

    Exhibition by Lucas Vázquez de la Rubia, “Últimos límites”, from 9 to 28 February.
    Questions and answers that solve, in a plastic way, problems present in society: limits, frontiers, power relations, contradictions and occupations are some of the concepts I work with.

  • Emotional Abstractions, Javier Herrero Emotional Abstractions, Javier Herrero

    Thursday 10 January, 20. 00h, inauguration Emotional Abstractions, Javier Herrero. The body without clothes and without aesthetic complexes. Wrinkles, smoothness or flaccidity, youth or maturity, all bodies are beautiful in themselves and their different configurations show an amalgam of textures that tell stories and draw biographies. Textures that to me suggest paintings, features, plastic traces.


    On Thursday 13 December, 20. 00h "Sobras de Arte 2018″;, the fourth edition of our traditional collective event in which this year we pay tribute to the recently deceased painter Eduardo Arroyo, promoter of this cultural association and participant in previous editions of "Sobras de Arte”;. Alberto Corazón, Almudena Armenta, Ana Juan, Antonio Santos, Berta López, ...

  • Play! It’s your turn. Saskia Moro Play! It's your turn. Saskia Moro

    From 5 November to 5 December: “Play! It’s your turn. ”

    The objects and showcases, created for this occasion, form part of Saskia Moro’s most conceptual work, reflecting the most creative and original sense on which her work is based.
    Here we contemplate his reflection on the GAME.

  • Volcanic Island. Sara Fratini Volcanic Island. Sara Fratini

    From 10 October to 3 November: “Volcanic Island”

    Collection of unpublished drawings by Sara Fratini as a collection of loose thoughts, forgotten ideas, unfulfilled promises, sketches, characters.

    Pencil, Chinese ink and watercolour.