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Saskia Moro

OPENING THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 12 from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Exhibition from November 12 to December 5 To attend the opening on the 12th or visit the exhibition, it is necessary to reserve an hour Some of the 19 originals


OPENING THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2020 In order to ensure social distance, it is essential to reserve a time to see the exhibition by following this link, until October 22 Exhibition from September 17 to October 22 Large-format drawings that give

Bestiario para después de…

OPENING THURSDAY, JULY 2, 2020, 7:00 p.m. Exhibition from July 2 to September 5 On Thursday July 2 at 7:00 pm we will inaugurate “Bestiario para después de…”. Collective exhibition in which Jorge Arranz, Fernando Bellver, Marcelo Burgos, Pep Carrió,


Exhibition from March 12 to April 18. Javier Vázquez’s drawings contain the full force of secrets. On their lines, sharp and hard, they could challenge the funambulists fear

Leftover art 2020

OPENING THURSDAY 30 JANUARY 2020, 20.00H. Exhibition from January 30 to February 29 On Thursday, January 30 at 8:00 p.m. we inaugurate “Leftovers of art 2020”, fifth edition of our traditional collective event that this year is delayed or advanced,

Everything and Part, Todo y parte — Ana Juan

Opening Thursday, November 7, 2019 8:00 p.m. Exhibition from November 7 to December 4 The title of this exhibition is an analogy: individuality as part of an unattainable whole. “Todo y parte”, “Everything and Part” is a visual fable that tells of humour and

Surfaces — Ignacio Van Aerssen

Exhibition at La Factoría de Papel from October 3 to 30. Work in petit point made by Ignacio Van Aerssen in recent years.


Exhibition from September 14 to 28. In addition to 25 vitroceramics in plates and the screen-printed tablecloth in the “Manolo Gordillo Workshop. Art edition” we can enjoy a selection of the paintings and drawings of Carlos Vidal.

THE CYCLES OF WATER. Raquel Hernández Izquierdo

From July 10 to September 7. Engraves resulting from a poetic link between the creative possibilities of the stamping process and the formation of ice from hexagonal crystals.

Portraits I haven’t been asked for. Pilar Merino Bravo

Exhibition, from June 13 to July 6, gather different portraits, made at different times. The chosen ones are people known or unknown for whom Pilar feels a great and deep affection that for some reason has impacted me.

BEL CANTO Illustrated stones. Pep Carrió

From May 11 to June 8 Exhibition formed by a large family created by Pep Carrió stone by stone, with pebbles collected from beaches of Mallorca, Asturias, Galicia, Portugal, Jaramilla river and many more sites.

Lithographs — Marcelo Burgos

Exhibition from April 25 to May 8. This is a series of different Marcelo Burgos lithographs made during the last two years in Taller Magma, Buenos Aires, printed by the Master Printer Matías Amici.

On Nature: reality and abstraction. Juan Cossío

Exhibition from March 7 to 23. Serie of Juan Cossío drawings represents an aesthetic statement to unite apparently opposing concepts: the abstraction and realism and a reference to nature as the source from which all knowledge emanates.

Last limits. Lucas Vázquez de la Rubia

Exhibition from February 9 to 28 . Questions and answers that solve, in a plastic way, problems present in society: limits, frontiers, power relations, contradictions and occupations are some of the concepts Lucas Vázquez works with.

Emotional Abstractions, Javier Herrero

Exhibition from January 10 to 26. The body without clothes and without aesthetic complexes. Wrinkles, smoothness or flaccidity, youth or maturity, all bodies are beautiful in themselves. Javier Herrero.