“Cabinet of Shadows” by Paula Noya

“Cabinet of Shadows” by Paula Noya

Opening January 29, 2015, 8:00 p.m.

From January 29 to February 24

“Gabinete de sombras” exhibition of Paula Noya’s photographic and illustrative work.

  • “Nazarenos” Photography, portrays the costumes of the Drummers of Moratalla, Murcia, wearing tunics and hoods, as if they were Nazarenes, but whose colours and patterns contradict the sadness and austerity of those clothes.
  • “Santa Teresa” is a series of drawings depicting a levitating figure that contrasts with the visceral images that surround it. Images superimposed on the same support reflect the circumstantial fragments of different projects in the form of documents only seen by the publisher.
  • “Servicio Completo” Photography, a series of still lifes in which both the composition and the lighting are inspired by Italian still lifes of the 16th century and the Dutch vanitas of the 17th century. Paradoxically these still lifes do not represent richly embossed vases, fruits, jewels or exotic flowers, you do not get to see what is shown on the outside, in terms of richness and sophistication, but what is always hidden, what cannot be shown by its very nature, which is within: the viscera.

To coincide with this Exhibition, La Factoria de Papel has published “GABINETE DE SOMBRAS Paula Noya” which includes photographs of the two series presented at the exhibition and poems by Francisco Carreño. The book will be available throughout the duration of the exhibition and will be officially launched on 18 February.