Boxes, maps and bamboo by Elisa Arroyo

Boxes, maps and bamboo by Elisa Arroyo

Opening May 30, 2017 at 8:00 p.m.

May 30 to June 17 exhibition

What has always interested me in the technique and the production of graphic arts, in particular hollow engraving, is its unpredictable nature and the infinite possibilities that open up in a process that is only half controlled, that “surprise factor” which is linked to experimental and decisive work.

This aspect is crystalised in the work through texture, the outward appearance of the printed material and the viscosity of the ink, such that the paper copies have gradually become inherent to my work, the basis of my work and aesthetic reflection.

First I gather and organise hundreds of copies previously made in the workshop, which I then proceed to cut, fold, wrinkle, spread, mix and group…
sometimes even transforming its original two-dimensional character into a kind of three dimensional object.

The precision required by this process contrasts with my imprecise, clumsy and dirty work in the workshop; the lack of control becomes discipline, attention, thoroughness, a search for the limits of perfection I can reach, and as such, it is a repetitive, meditative, mechanical; and reflective work, an experiment that verges on aesthetic obsession.

With the resultant finished work, I simply intend to evoke an introspective aesthetic experience.

I was born in Madrid in 1978

I graduated in 2002 from the Pratt Institute of Fine Arts in Brooklyn, New York, where I specialised in Printing Techniques and where I was awarded the extraordinary graduation award. For the last eight years I have lived in Berlin and I have recently returned to Madrid.

I have exhibited my work in different places and it forms part of several private collections.

Elisa Arroyo

Images of the exhibited pieces