Bling Bling by Marcelo Burgos

Bling Bling by Marcelo Burgos

Opening April 14, 2016 8:00 p.m.

From April 14 to May 10

Bling Bling is the invented sound made by a flash or reflection of light on gold, silver or diamonds. It refers to ostentatious things, of apparent value.

It is the definition of the superfluous, the worthless, the passing

I named these pieces Bling Bling because it was exactly what occurred to me while I was creating making them, I was fascinated by the shine of the surfaces, the way in which the objects reflected on each other and at the same time they caused me rejection, left me cold, caused me disgust, gave me nausea.

They are unlike anything I have done before, nor do I think I will ever explore that same path again, although the temptation is great, as the surfaces are smooth and lustful.

Alongside these pieces, which include giclées (digital prints), engravings (Master Printer: Denis Long) and sculptures, there is also a suite of silkscreens made in the Taller Manolo Gordillo edición de arte of fictitious uniforms to identify the new European extreme right-wing, which moves terrifyingly forward before our passive and indolent gaze.

Marcelo Burgos




Silkscreen printing

From April 14 to May 10