“Art leftovers” Works on stains

“Art leftovers” Works on stains

Opening December 16, 2014, 8:00 p.m.

From December 16 to January 25

“Art leftovers” / “Sobras de Arte” collective exhibition on stains, takes as its starting point all those trials and errors that arise during the creation of an artistic work.

Images superimposed on the same support reflect the circumstantial fragments of different projects in the form of documents only seen by the publisher.

Works of the exhibition "Art leftovers"

All these studies and production failures have a random but suggestive appearance, which is used here as a means to create an original piece. In this way, each participant intervened this material with a personal intention, claiming the value of the images that represent the causal creation of an edition.

All the stains used for the “Art leftovers” exhibition come from Taller Manolo Gordillo.

For this event La Factoría de Papel offers all works in this exhibition at the same price, irrespective of the artist.

On the opening day (16 December) all “Art leftovers” will be at a special price.

Participants: Eduardo Arroyo, Fernando Bellver, Imanol Bértolo, Marcelo Burgos, Luis Cabrera, Pep Carrió, Alberto Corazón, Roberto Coromina, Manolo Dimas, Gráfica Futura, Raquel Hernández, Paula Huerta, Elena Jiménez, Koche, Montse Lago, Ana López, Carmen Martín Baroja, Antonio Merinero, Saskia Moro, Abraham Martínez, Paula Noya, José Manuel Nuevo, Carmelo Rubio, Eduardo Vega de Seoane, Javier Zabala.

Opening, Photographs by Laura Martínez Lombardía