Applied Art, Collective Exhibition

Applied Art, Collective Exhibition

Opening July 12, 2016 8:00 p.m.

From July 12 to September 10

What is art for?

We´ll leave it to scholars to lumber over the delicate matter of defining art and its division into subtypes and we avoid any conflict between artists and designers; we ignore the reflective nature of contemporary art and we focus exclusively on art and its applications.

We cannot define Applied Art merely as decoration or the construction of objects. There are multiple ways of using the term art in everyday life, from social activism, to urban art, fashion…

We thus come to a kind of functional, domestic and homely type of art. The artist becomes an activist and works for a common good, bringing practical objects of art into our lives and homes whose investment will easily pay off through their use.

We are faced with a controversy; for however hard we search we discover that nobody has yet been able to clearly define what we mean by “Art” or “Applied Art”, for whoever tries gets it wrong, either because they restrict the boundaries of definition or because they push them too far.

As we have not been able to find a proper definition, we suggest this exhibition as a starting point to define “Applied Art” and we invite you to reflect with us in depth on the proposals of the selected authors. Whether we reach a conclusion or not we’ll see. What matters is the journey.

Exhibition images

Thanks to Jorge Rockabrut, Almudena Armenta, Carmen Martin Baroja for their input to this text.

Images of the opening