Alba Cinema, More than a Week of Passion

Alba Cinema, More than a Week of Passion

Opening March 26, 2015, 8:00 p.m.

From March 26 to May 21

A Selection of Posters by Rafa Sánchez, Cinematographer of the Alba Cinema

Rafa Sánchez photographed by Laura Martínez Lombardía

On this occasion La Factoría de Papel is imbued with the atmosphere of the Alba Cinema to present a careful selection of posters made by Rafa Sánchez, the cinematographer and master of ceremonies of the room, who, in a totally self-taught way and free of any artistic influence, takes the idea that a poster works as a tool for claiming or spreading a message to its maximum expression.

Through his posters he reveals the unique world that was happening in the hall of the Alba Cinema, where a peculiar social network gathered around a screen with a highly sexual content. His posters, halfway between comic strips and a breath of anarcho-pop art, make us think about the need for different points of view (different ways of enjoying oneself) within the same world.

With this exhibition we want to show the unusual things we like and to rescue them from the vanishing urban and cultural landscape.

All the originales by Rafa Sánchez, as well as other memorabilia published by La Factoría de Papel, such as envelopes and the catalogue , are for sale, as well as “DÚO 03 Sobre el último cine X”, a newspaper created by a photographer and a writer on life at the last XXX-rated cinema in the city. Directed by Laura Martínez & Sara Brito. Laura Martínez & Sara Brito.

Setting up the Exhibition. Photographer Laura Martínez Lombardía

Opening. Photographer Laura Martínez Lombardía

Closure. Photographer Laura Martínez Lombardía