Learn everything you want to know about graphic art techniques

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Master classes, workshops, courses…  for lovers of graphic art techniques

Taught by experienced technicians and/or recognized artists

Discover the techniques of graphic art in a practical way

Colograph; Serigraphy; Cianotipia; Monotypes in serigraphy, in aluminium plate, in other supports; Xylography or linoleum; Flocked; Mokurito; Indirect Chalcography; Artist’s Book; Collage; Photoengraving; Four-colour Engraving; Direct technical chalcographic engraving; Hollow printing of linoleum; Lithography in polyester; Black way…

Practical demonstration of the process from start to finish

After each session there will be a round of open-ended questions where you can consult, exchange opinions and build relationships with professionals, artists and colleagues.

Enjoy The Paper Factory and

immerse yourself in the world of graphic art.

Knowing graphic editing techniques allows you to optimise your work according to the technique you have chosen. You will achieve better results and improve your creative process.

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